Check Your Aadhaar Card Status Via SMS on Mobile Phone


Know Your Aadhaar Status Through SMS Service

It is not necessary at all, If you don’t have personal computer/laptop system or any kind of Internet connection because these things are not mandatory to know your aadhaar status after enrollment process, because you can able to track your Aadhaar card status via your mobile help, just by sending a single SMS.

And to complete this process you have to send a text message (SMS) from your phone and as result you can able to get the latest information about your Aadhaar as a response of your SMS through your mobile phone.

Check Your Aadhaar Status On Mobile Phone

This service has been started completely on free basis for you, But your mobile service provider can charge you for sending SMS. All you need to have your enrollment number along with you for completing this process successfully. By sending SMS or using this service, you can only able to receive your present Aadhaar status, no other information can be provided by using this service. For sending SMS from your mobile, you must need to use your registered number.

Also it must be the same as which was used at the time of your aadhaar enrollment process. After waiting some time, you will able to got your aadhaar number by the help of SMS from official and in case if your Aadhaar number has not been generated yet, then also you will get an SMS about your current status through SMS on registered phone number. From here, you can know your Aadhar Card Status via single SMS on mobile phone.

From your mobile just type As:


and send it on 51969

For instance, if my enrollment no is like this: 1291/12681/914362 then I can send it as:

UID STATUS 129112681914362

To below mentioned number:


Imp Note: Do not forget to remove back slashes (“/”) from enrollment no, which are mentioned in above example. And following this simple process you will easily know your current aadhaar staus through SMS.


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  1. I can not register the schemes other than lpg because no option except lpg is how to register ration card scheme in the col.’name of the scheme’

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