Aadhaar Is Mandatory To Buy Sell Property To Stop Benami Deals


Aadhaar Is Mandatory To Buy Sell Property To Stop Benami Deals

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Aadhaar Required To Buy Property To Overcome Benami Property

The Modi government is going to make Aadhaar numbers necessary for buying property to rein in Anonymous property. After linking the bank account, PAN card and passport with the aadhaar, it is necessary to buy a house, shop or while selling it.

Aadhaar Needed To Property Deal

According to the Indian Express, the government is now going to register property properties electronically across the country. For this, the Government may make some amendment in section 32 and 32A of the Property Act 1908.

Aadhaar Required To Buy Property

The central government has included the mandatory aadhaar in the bill being brought to the amendment in the pending Registration Act in the Rajya Sabha. This recommendation was made by the Standing Committee of the Parliament, on which the Committee of Ministers was formed for consideration.

UID Compulsion To Buy Sell Property

According to official sources, the Committee of Ministers had given its consent to make the aadhar verification mandatory. After this, the revised draft of the bill was drafted and sent to the law ministry, which has got the green signal. Now the bill will be sent to the cabinet approval.

Same Information Will Be Sent To Power of Attorney

In the absence of legal entitlement, someone takes possession of that property and then makes himself with the fraud. Such fraudsters will also be caught by the investigating agencies easily and the land will be owned by the government.

Will Not Be Able To Exchange Or Swap

A person will be known or caught from the aadhaar , the contract, the power of attorney, the gift, transfer or exchange of land done to the other person. It will be difficult to hide the deal with swaps.


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