Aadhar Card New Safety Features Added – UIDAI Measures


New Added Aadhar Card Safety Features

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Aadhar Card Information Safety Feature

The Indian Government will going to notify about the regulation of unique identity shortly. After that, aadhaar card will become compulsory for all kind of Government related services and schemes. The security of your necessary information which is kept inside aadhaar card is very much important. Here we will let you know regarding the method via which you can save 100 percent of your aadhar data.

Aadhaar Hold Many Important Details

Presently, 105 million candidates in the country have already been provided Aadhaar numbers via following enrollment process. So in this way, each citizen has a unique identification number. Which contain your name, address, mobile number, bank account informatio, also your qualification details and is also linked to your PAN card. So by seeing this, it is necessary to protect your details and information must be 100 percent secure through proper way. You’re your aadhaar contain your biometric details as well. Which include your photo graph, fingerprint details, iris details (eyes scanning) are also kept in it. But now you are able to protect these kind all of your necessary information with new added features.

You Have Right to Lock and Unlock Your Aadhar

The Government has always faced contradiction from other opposition parties and from the experts because there are number of possibilities due to which aadhaar data can be leaked or misused. By seeing on this matter, the unique identification authority of India (UIDAI), has added a new feature to it. By which you are now able to lock and unlock aadhaar as per your choice. It means that, if you wish then you can lock your aadhaar. And, no one will able to read the information stored in it through the help of any way. In similar way, you can also unlock it as per your requirement.

Aadhaar Number Will Not Be Misused
  1. This feature is purely depends on your desire. It means that you are able to lock your aadhaar card when it is needed.
  2. When your card is locked, during this period no one have rights to read your card details. You can find out the biggest benefit of this new aadhaar card feature when your aadhaar card will be stolen or lost anywhere. During this period you can lock your aadhaar.
  3. After then if you wish to unlock the aadhar, it can be unlocked via online method.
Get Aadhaar Lock Unlock Feature In This Way
  1. Go to the UIDAI official portal (https://uidai.gov.in/beta/) if you want to lock unlock your aadhaar card.
  2. Where you will find aadhar lock and unlock feature on aadhaar services.
  3. By pressing aadhaar services button a new page will be open like as https://resident.uidai.net.in/biometric-lock. or also you can open it directly in your browser.
  4. Where you have to mention your 12 digit aadhaar number details.
  5. After providing your aadhar number you also have to enter the security number which is provided below.
  6. After hitting ok button, you will able to get an OTP on your registered mobile number. After entering OTP you will able to lock unlock your aadhaar.
Quick Action against Government Agencies and Companies
  1. The central Government will going to notify the Unique Identity regulation mean while.
  2. In this way, Unique Identification Authority Of India has created the list of all necessary rules which may be required after this regulation. There is also three year punishment if anyone misuses aadhaar related details. It means that specific one can sentenced to 3 years.
  3. It will be considered as criminal activity or case, if the Government or any Private running Company is using your aadhar number for any other purpose.

So this is all about the new aadhaar card security feature which is added recently. If you have any doubt about it feel free to share your thoughts with us in below provided box.


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