Apply For New Aadhar Card At Any Bank Branch – Update Aadhar Details In Bank


Apply For New Aadhar Card At Any Bank Branch – Update Aadhar Details In Bank

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Now the bank will be able to build Aadhar card

Now you can make Aadhaar card in any bank branch located nearby your home. For this, the government has issued guidelines to banks. This will make any person not wander anywhere to create his new Aadhar card or update the old card.

Bank accounts will be blocked after 31st December

Earlier, on June 1st, the government had issued notification and asked all the people to link their bank account with Aadhaar card. If it was not done, then the bank account will be blocked after December 31st. The government has also amended the PMLA Act for this.

Therefore, Aadhaar card will be made in Banks

Government believes that many people still do not have Aadhar card. In such a way, facilitating the formation of Aadhaar cards will benefit many people in the banks. With this, the people whose UID card is already made, but their details are not updated can also be done in branch offices only. It cannot open their account in the bank or the old account can also be closed.

Will not lie to the UID Center

With the new guidelines of the government, it has provided a lot of support to those people, who have to go first here and there to create Aadhaar cards. Now people will be able to make a aadhar card based on the branch of any bank situated nearby their home or going to the branch where they have an account.

Based on the ‘Aadhaar: A Biometric History’

A new book has come to the market to answer the questions of the 12-digit identification number ‘Aadhaar’ and its impact on citizen-state relations. This book has been released on July 6 of the same day exactly eight years after the announcement of starting the aadhar.

Aadhaar Ups Downs

The whole process of implementing the Aadhaar was completed in the time of two such governments, whose ideologies are exactly the opposite. That is why this book tells the story of the ups and downs that came during the implementation of the UID and its history in very precise manner.

The aadhaar was started by the then Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee on July 6th, 2009. Sharing his views on the UID in the book, Mukherjee has said that I had determined to bring it. Regarding the project being underestimated, book authors say that what was estimated was approximate.

The scope of the base has increased manifold more than that. In these ‘Aadhaar: A biometric history’, a constructive dialogue on data protection and privacy laws has been presented to solve the shortcomings of people sitting in the minds of the people. This book by Shankar Aiyar, a specialist in political-economics, has been published by Westland Publishing.

Aadhaar has burnt the Homes of Poor People with Cold

Ration has been distributed to the citizens of the Nagar Panchayats having ration card through e-posh machines. Due to lack of Aadhaar link with ration card, they are not giving ration to their families in absence of consumer. From this, ration has been dumped in large quantities.  The family of the consumer is frustrated with this arrangement. The system of e-posh machine has cooled the stove of the poor.

Ration is being distributed through the e-posh machine now on the instructions of the government in the seven municipal panchayats of the district. In this machine the card holder has to mark his thumb. After this, the ration receipt slips came out of the machine. Most consumers’ ration cards are not linked to Aadhaar card. Many have not even created the Aadhar card.

Due to lack of Aadhar card link, apart from the head of the family, they are not distributing Ration to their known. This problem is in Manjhanpur, Saraiyakil, Karari, Chail, Bhawari, Sirathu and Ajuha Nagar Panchayats. Most of the consumers of Chail Nagar Panchayat could not get the ration of June. With this, their family is disturbed.

This is the case with all the Nagar Panchayats. This new arrangement of e-posh machine has created a problem in front of the head of the household and Antyodaya Ration Card. The poor people live outside to work hard. Ration is not available to their families now, because of their absence.


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