Basic Question About Digital Locker


5 Basic Question About Digital Locker

Know some basic things about the digital locker like how you can upload your documents, how to add old documents in it, security of this locker, storage capacity, and file format needed or used to store or upload documents in digilocker.

Question 1: In How Many Ways I can Able To Upload My Documents In DigiLocker?

Ans: In two ways:

Digital Documents: These can be directly uploaded by Government or other organization to your account through link format help.

Upload Documents: Here user can upload their documents through the help of scan format.

Question 2: Am I Able to upload my older documents here?

Ans: Yes, you can upload them just by adding digital signature on your documents. And digital signature facility is available in DigiLocker.

Question 3: What is the guarantee of document security?

Ans: Security system which is used by banks for internet banking, similar system is used in DigiLocker.

Question 4: What Is Storage Capacity Of Digital Locker?

Ans: It is 10 MB. And for one file maximum size should be 1 MB.

Question 5: In Which Format We Can Upload Documents?

Ans: JPEG, GIF, PNG, PDF these are format in which you can use any one.

So use this facility which is launched by Indian Government for making easy access to your documents and download your instantly anywhere where ever required, so you are not required to carry your necessary documents with your self while travelling from one place to another just you need to know how to create your digital locker account.

And there are very less chances to lost your documents. You can also download DigiLocker App of mobile for easy access at any time or visit official web portal for more information.



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