Government Told To SC That Aadhar Linking With Documents Last Date May Be Increased


Government Told To SC That Aadhar Linking With Documents Last Date May Be Increased

On behalf of the present government, Attorney General K.K. Venugopal said that the government has already increased the deadline of seeding previously and can do it once more for the citizens who haven’t completed this process yet.

Govt. Says To the Supreme Court That March 31st End Date Of Seeding Aadhar Can Be Extended

The government on Tuesday told the Supreme Court that it could extend the deadline of 31st March to link various services and other related welfare schemes with the unique identity card. The Center said that since the hearing in the Supreme Court of the matter related to this issue is yet to end, so the government can increase this deadline.

Which bench is continuing this hearing?

– The Constitution bench of the Supreme Court is hearing the case related to the UID case. The bench is headed by Chief Justice Deepak Mishra. The bench is headed by Justice AK Sikri, Justice AM Khanvilkar, Justice DC Chandrachud and Justice Ashok Bhushan.

Why is this case still going on in the Supreme Court?

Many petitions challenging the mandatory obligations are filed in the Supreme Court. In these petitions, the constitutional validity of the Aadhaar Act has been challenged.

What did the lawyers of the petitioners say?

During the hearing on Tuesday, the lawyer of Shyam Diwan, the lawyers who challenged the Aadhar, told the Supreme Court that the deadline of March 31st should be extended as the hearing on petitions is not likely to be completed. Also, if deadline of March 31st remains constant, it will affect the country. Many institutions have to adjust themselves according to this deadline.

The judge also said that banks will not get time

On the plea of ​​raising the deadline of the Aadhaar, Justice Chandrachud also said that even if the court decides their decision till March 20th, even then banks and other institutions will have only 10 days’ time left. In such a situation, many difficulties and problems will arise in front of them. The bench then called the attorney general K.K. Venugopal for help on this issue.

What did the government say?

– Venugopal said that we have increased the deadline before and we can increase it once more. We can increase the deadline at the end of this month so that the pitchers can present their arguments in front of court.

– Supreme Court also agreed on Attorney General K.K. Venugopal’s plea to increase such deadlines. The Constitution Bench said that the attorney general has taken this in very reasonable aspect.

– Last year the Supreme Court has increased the deadline for linking the aadhar on December 15th to till March 31st 2018.

Status Of Bank Account And Mobile Number

Till date 80% of bank accounts and 60% of mobile user have connected their mobile with UID nationwide. In the meantime, before the deadline of March 31, about 80% of the country’s bank accounts have been linked to the UID number. According to an officer of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), about 60% of mobile connections have also been added to the aadhar.

In order to prevent incidents like suspicious activities and fraud in bank accounts, the government has issued instructions for linking bank accounts and PAN (PAN) with the aadhaar.

In addition, to ensure identification of the users of mobile services, the government had also talked about linking SIM cards with unique identification number.

Aadhaar as Identity Proof

List of services and documents where aadhar is still used as identity proof.

– In making of passports

– To open a bank account.

– To take various types of insurance schemes.

– In many companies to take new mobile phone connections. There is also the idea of ​​updating old mobile connections by UID.

– In concession on railway tickets.

– In the Voters list to get your name verified.

– To Generate Universal Account Number for EPFO

– For IT returns. Under the new bill, for issuing a new PAN, aadhaar will be necessary.

– To give gas connections to poor families under Prime Minister Ujjwala scheme

– To transfer money through the Unified Payment Interface and the recently launched via Bhima App.

– Direct Benefit Transfer: The aadhar is also being used in this. For most of the services it is used in gas subsidies

– In many cases, for getting life certificates.

Number Of Schemes Implemented Through UID

– The aadhaar is being used in 92 schemes of 19 Central Ministries. Through them, cash is transferred under LPG subsidy, food subsidy and MNREGA is being done.

– The use of aadhar is also done in large scale while opening accounts under “JAN DHAN Scheme”.

– To get subsidized things through ration card, the aadhar has also been made compulsory there also.


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