How To Check Expiry Date of LPG Cylinder


How to Verify Expiry Date of LPG Cylinder

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LPG stands for Liquefied Petroleum Gas. And it is required in our daily routine life as per need. And can say that important part of our kitchens and near around found in every home. And also available in gas agencies, who can provide them door to door. And there are many agencies who can serve this task like Bharat gas agency, Indane gas agency, HP gas agency. And people can choose gas agencies as per their choice and which can provide them gas cylinder more frequently.

LPG gas cylinder we use in our daily life has an expiry date too and many of us are not aware of it. Once the expiry date is over it become very dangerous to a gas cylinder means it behave like a bomb after using it’s expiry date. Because after expiry date cylinder used to leak the lpg on continuous basis and which leads to explosion any time in your house if it is fully closed. So if your lpg gas cylinder expiry date is over then don’t use it further any more to keep yourself and whole family safer from upcoming threat. And we also used to saw such cases in news as well.

LPG Cylinder Expiry Date Issue

Usually, normal consumer looks for cylinder weight and seal while refilling their LPG gas. They don’t know about expiry date of cylinder and which leads to major accidents later on. The companies which are providing us lpg cylinder take benefits of it (our unawareness) and make their business well and good by selling expiry date lpg cylinder to our doors. And that’s why accidents happened with us due to gas cylinder.

How To Find Expiry Date Of LPG Gas Cylinder:

In the upper part of cylinder there is a round ring structure to pick up or say to lift cylinder easily. And below that ring there are three stripes which can join the cylinder body with ring. And one of these stripes contains the expiry date of lpg cylinder printed in black color.  Here you will saw English letter as A, B, C, D marked with two numbers like D-06, B.13, C-12, A.11 or saw in the image.

Lpg gas cylinder expiry date

  • A – This English letter stands for first quarter of the year (January-March)
  • B – This English letter stands for second quarter of the year (April- June)
  • C – This English letter stands for third quarter of the year  (July- September)
  • D – This English letter stands for fourth quarter of the year (October- December)

After that subsequent written two numbers indicates us about expiry year. If a cylinder is printed with A-12. Then its expiry date is March 2012. And can be dangerous to use it after March 2012.

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And can be extended up to maximum for 3 months after expiry date. After that don’t use it at any cost. And report to your agency or service provider about it.

LPG Gas Expiry Date Check

Such kind of cylinder can be exploded at any time without any warning. So consumers must be aware about cylinder expiry date and refuse to buy such cylinder from agencies and complain against them and also notify them about it.



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