How To Link Aadhaar Card To Ration Card Online/Offline Process


Link Aadhar Card With Ration Card

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Seed Aadhaar With Ration Card

Ration cards are given to each and every Indian family from Government authorized and keep providing facilities available on it and by using such card cards in store able to have various food items, different kind of grains and fossil fuel on subsidy or no low rate available in the market. The ration card also considered ID proof for whole family like we use other documents for various purposes in banks, passport offices, hospitals etc.

Many of the families avail ration benefit by using ration card throughout the country and used to make their living by getting ration for their family on each month at low price. Also many of us using ration card as identity proof in our life at different situation

UID Seed With Ration Card

But by seeing the facility given by government to citizen, some of the people trying to misuse the services offered to them by having duplicate ration card. And due such fraud happening today many of ration store are going into debt. And if it continue like this like one family having more than one ration card then these subsidized store will be closed. And because of few people greed, many poor have to suffer.

Link Ration Card With UID

To tackle with such our government is also taking hard decision like by implementing digital ration card scheme. Also seeing process of aadhar card with ration card has been started to overcome the issue. Aadhar is made up of 12 digit unique number and each has separate number assigned to them and also include complete information about yourself like eye ration scan, your finger print etc. UID is also seeded with PAN. And by doing that your financial details are also unveiled.   

Link Aadhaar Card To Ration Card

By linking the Aadhar with ration card, it will be easier for the government to take action against fraud cases occurring everywhere. And will able to stop such issue of having various ration cards with one family. The official will also able to trace the people who actually not came in the range of availing this facility benefits. Means to get various food items, fuel on subsidized price. And by doing that many poor will get the benefits provided to them by government needed for basic living.

You can proceed with linking your aadhar with ration card via online or offline medium. The both methods are listed below.

Online Link/Seed Aadhar To Ration Card

For linking your UID with ration card though online way, just go with following steps:

  • Make your visit to the Aadhar official portal and go to “Start Now” section.
  • Mention your information over their like your complete address, your district, state name.
  • In the options, opt the Benefit Type, i.e. “Ration Card”.
  • Go for the scheme name, and it is “ration card”
  • Mention your ration card number, aadhaar no, your personal email id with phone number.
  • Then after An OTP (One Time Password) will be reach to your mobile phone which you have to provide in the form.
  • Make entry in the OTP column, then through pop up notification visible on screen will show you about application status means processed successfully.
  • Your provided application from will then go to next level authority for verification steps given by you, after completing the verification process you will be informed through notification that your Aadhar card has been successfully linked to ration card.

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Offline Link/Seed Aadhar To Ration Card

People those who are in the search of linking aadhar with ration card via offline mode can have to follow the below provided instructions:

  • Prepare duplicate copies of your family member’s aadhar card with ration card.
  • Also keep ready duplicate bank passbook copy if you have not linked your UID with your bank account.
  • And keep ready one passport size photograph of the head family member and do submit these all documents at your regional ration Office.
  • As your required documents reaches at required official authorities, you will be informed via message or mail.
  • The department will verify all documents for completing ration card linking process with aadhaar cards, and for that you will be receive notification.


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