Modi Cabinet Approve New Bill On Same Minimum Wages In India


Modi Cabinet Approve New Bill On Same Minimum Wages In India

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One Country One Salary Dream Will Be Fulfilled, Modi Cabinet Planning On Wage Bill

The Modi government can give its approval on Wedge Bill Wednesday. In this meeting till late evening will continue and the government can pass this pending bill. If the cabinet today approves this revised bill, then after GST, it will not take much time to fulfill the dream of one salary across the country. This will benefit the people who work in the same sector, but the salary of each person is less or more than the other.

Minimum Salary Through Out the Nation

The central government will bring a bill in the monsoon session of Parliament to implement it. Before this, the bill draft can be given in the Cabinet meeting on Wednesday. The decision was to be taken in the Cabinet meeting on 12th July, but due to some reasons the bill was hanged.

Ending Of Different Wages Rate

After passing this bill in Parliament, the rate of wages in the whole country will be one. In many states, the wage rate is not the same. After fixing the rate of wages by the Center, state governments have to fix at least this much money for the workers.

These Four Acts Will End After Implementation Of New Law

After the new law is enacted, the government will end the ongoing four acts. These acts are Minimum Wages Act 1948, Payment of Wages Act 1936, Payment of Bonus Act 1965 and the Equal Pursuit Act 1976.

Minimum Salary Rule In The Country

With this, the government will also end the ongoing 44 other Labor Acts. This will make business easier for businessmen, while workers will also get higher wages. Wage rates can also be changed every two years.

Those Who Get 18 Thousand Salary Will Also Get Relief

In this monsoon session, the Labor Ministry will put ‘wage bill’ on the table of the sadan, which is starting from next month. Under this, the minimum wages for all workers who works in the factories will be fixed. This bill will also include the workers whose monthly income earning is more than 18 thousand, which was not included in Vege Bill till now.

Approval Of Wage Bill

Secretary of Labor Ministry Mr. Satyavati said that his Ministry will keep this bill in the Sadan for the welfare of the workers in the monsoon session. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has already given green signal to this bill of labor ministry. Now the Labor Ministry is engaged in order to pass this bill by the Union Cabinet to the Law Ministry.


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