Online Ration Card Application Form


Online Ration Card Application Form

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Apply For Ration Card Online 

Like centre government, state government launch various schemes for the citizens of the state. The state government of Himachal Pradesh has launched the online application for digital ration card. Ration card is the card used for people for food and services provided by government at the depot at less rates.

Ration Card Application Form

 The state government helps centre govermennt to make india digital in the form of digital ration card. Digital ration cards are issued by food and civil services and consumer affairs, govt. of himachal Pradesh.

New Ration Card Application

In digital ration card aadhar card of each family member is linked. In new ration card a username and password is provided. It is a real time system it can be access at any time  like aadhar card and possess where to use as proof.

Digital Ration Card

Digital ration card is easy to carry just like our debit card, or aadhar card. The chief minister of himachal Pradesh Mr. Virbhardra Singh also launched online ration card app for smart phones just like other apps. With the help of that app people can apply for their digital ration card from their phones.

Ration Card Necessity 

Ration card is necessary document for the people of the country. It is taken as citizenship proof of the person and it is used as residence proof for the people which is needed for maintaining of other legal documents.

Required Conditions for Making Ration Card                                     

The candidate who have not previous ration card should show the document written and stamped

Pradhan of panchayat / inspector of FCS where he should verify that the respective person belongs to that locality.

A temporary ration card with the time limit of 3 months can be issued to the people who will become migrants.

In case of marriage the marriage certificate is issued by the panchayat prepared by panchayat sahayk at girls place and then produce that certificate in new panchayat after entering her detail in new panchayat and then she will added to the new ration card. Main purpose of this procedure to deletion of the candidate from previous ration card.

In case a person is transferred from one place to another and he have ration card previously then to make new ration card at new place a document is attached to the application form of ration card. That document contain the deletion information of the candidate from previous place. That document is signed by prdhan of panchayat of previous place, inspector, FCS&CA department.

To addition of new born baby in the ration card the birth certificate of the child with the undersigned letter of pradhan of panchayat , inspector, FCS&CA department along with ration card where entry to be done.

In the situation of losing ration card and other mis happening   where the holder is not faultier   he authority will issue new ration card with charges applied on that.

Procedure Required To Apply for New Ration Card

Candidate should apply for the new ration card at panchayat sahyak in rural areas and to the inspector FCS & CA department in urban areas. The application form to be submitted to the panchayat sahyak or inspector, FCS & CA department. The form should be downloadable from website from official website.

Documents Needed to Apply for the Ration Card

For new ration card the deletion certificate is needed with reason that cancelling of previous ration card. For addition of member the document signed by pradhan of panchayat or inspector, FCS & CA  and  aaddhar card is required.

Ration Card Preparation Fee

Rs. 5.00 are charged for giving you ration card for APL category whether it is new or duplicate.

Time Limit To Get Ration Card

The candidate will get his/her ration card within 15 working days.

How To Apply For Ration Card Online

) Visit the official portal to apply online for ration card.

) This link will take you to the application form . That form contains various column to fill the details:-

) Firstly fill the name of city/ town/ village/ panchayat for which you have to apply.

) Fill the detail with reason for applying for ration card

) Name of house owner to be enter.

) Fill the details of the house which including house name or number.

) Enter the details of the candidate with full address.

) Date/ reason of arrival of in the distribution area to be entered.

) Details about income to be given

) Details about the gas connection.

) Names with aadhar no. of family members for which Ration card is required.

) Then describe the  relationship with applicant

 ) Fill occupation column and mention your age.

) Place and state form where came with date of departure where they stay previously.

After entering details application form with required documents to be submitted to the corporation commissioner. Department will give you the receipt with which you can check the status of your ration card.


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