Opportunity To Make Earning Income From Home With Modi Government


Opportunity To Make Earning Income From Home With Modi Government

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Modi Government Is Giving Chance To Work From Home

The Modi government has launched several such schemes which are giving you opportunity to start your own business too. These businesses can also be started by sitting in your house and used to earn the lot of money. Do not do anything special to take advantage of these schemes.

Modi Government Schemes

You can easily take advantage of these schemes. The Modi government has resorted to the easy process for these schemes so that more and more people can join these schemes. Actually, Modi Government wants people to become Job Creators instead of Job Seekers, so these schemes have been launched so that people can come forward to become an entrepreneur.

If you do not know about these schemes, then today we will give you details of these schemes in detail and will also explain how you can take advantage of these schemes.

Earning from the roof of the house

After coming into the power, Prime Minister Narendra Modi first raised the solar power generation target by nearly five times in the country. At the same time, the government appealed to the people to install a solar plant on the roof of their house and sell electricity to the government or power companies made from this plant.

If you want to apply for this, then the Modi Government has made it very easy to do so. If you want to get full information about this, you can download the mobile app Arun and get complete information about the scheme and if you want to apply, you can easily apply by logging in at http://solarrooftop.gov.in/login can do so.

Start Online Business From Home

If you want to do business at home, the Modi government has created Gem (government e-market), ie online market, through by launching the e-portal. You can stay in your house and join the GeM and do business with the government. That’s why you have to register on GeM. After registration, you can supply according to the demands of government departments. To do this, you have to contact the manufacturers and supply the goods further from there on demand. To begin this online trading you will need to sign up at https://gem.gov.in/register/buyer/signup.

Women can also do business

The Modi Government has made available the opportunity of business to women by staying at home. This scheme has been named e-woman hot. Women can also sell products made at home on this online platform. Women can also sell products made at home on this online platform. This platform has been prepared by the Ministry of Women and Child Development.

On this platform, women can display their products by registering themselves for free ,if a sellers like your product, they can contact you directly. You do not have to pay commission like others online trading portal. If you want to apply for this portal, click here – http://mahilaehaat-rmk.gov.in/en/join-us/ and join to start it. You can also do work from home online by using this ways also.

Everyone can Earn By sitting in the house

Even if you belong to any age group, you can earn by sitting at home. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself told the people about this method of earning. You have a good chance of earning by adding people to the BHIM app. Adding a person to the BHIM app and getting the three transactions done by that person will get you 10 rupees. In this way, if women or students add 20 people every day while sitting at home, they can earn up to 200 rupees.

Part Time Work From Home

This scheme for income by joining the people with Bhima App is up to 14th October. At the same time, the shopkeeper who applies the Bhima app to his shop will get 25 rupees in his account. You can click on the following two links to download the Bhima app. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.org.npci.upiapp&hl=en https: //bhimappdownload.com / on your mobile phone.

So let’s start your earning by following these simple ways form your home only.


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