PAN Number Is Necessary For New LPG Gas Connection


PAN Number Importance To Gas Connection

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Link PAN Number With LPG Gas Connection

As per recent news, consumers will have to give their permanent account number (PAN) for having new gas connection. As per guidelines given by center Government, from now onward gas agencies are looking for customers PAN during new gas connection. Also it has been told to old consumers for giving their PAN number.

During the entry of Permanent Account Number in company software, the subsidy of such consumers will automatically deduct whose annual income is Rs. 10 lakh per annum or more than that. By seeding to income tax return, customer annual income can be found out within seconds.

Gas Agencies Are Requesting For PAN Card

Here we are going to make you clear that as per centre Government order, the subsidy of those customer will be deducted whose annual income is Rs.10 lakh and above that. State LPG manager has said that such guidelines are given by central petroleum minister. And task of customers PAN number uploading in the software has been started.

Center Government Order

It is clearly said in the orders that in coming one to two years, all customers PAN number will be fed in the software. But right now, PAN card is not made necessary but due to this facility customers will get extra advantages that they don’t have to provide declaration again and again.

Why PAN Card Is Compulsory For LPG Connection

It is well known that aadhaar card is linked with bank account number previously but aadhaar number is not required while filling income tax return. So because of that particular annual income cannot be found out. PAN will give exact, instant and full detailed information about income tax return. Bank accounts are seeded with aadhaar card to provide subsidy benefits to the consumer means amount is directly transferred to their linked account.

About 3.5 Lakh Customer Subsidy Deducted

In Delhi near about 3.5 lakh consumers subsidy has been deducted because their annual income is up to 10 lakh rupees. Many of the IAS, IPS, Judge, IFS, HAS, Engineers, HPS, Doctors, Class one, Class two officers rank came in this boundary region. But previously huge number of the estimated thousands of customers has left LPG gas subsidy by their own wish on the appeal of PM Modi. Currently there are 42 lakh existing lpg customer in the state.


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