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Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Scheme

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Indian Government will Provide Rs. 2.5 Lakh on Opening of Medical Store

Indian prime minister shri Narendra Modi has launched this scheme named as “Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Yojana” on 1st July 2015. The main motive of this scheme is to provide benefit to both customers as well as retailer. And how both can get benefits from this scheme, let’s know in details.

Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Yojana

If you open the medical store for affordable medicines, then Government will pay you Rs. 2.5 Lakh as per grant. And for this you have to open medical store under one condition i.e. “Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Yojana”. Till now, state Government has provided Rs. 2.5 lakh grant to non limited agencies but now this rule can be available or applied for all. Now let’s know how this scheme can be beneficial for you.

Government Want to Increase Retailer’s Profit

Jan ashadhi center can be setup in through country under the supervision of Bureau of forma PSUs of India (BPPI). One of BPPI member told that Government want to increase the profit of those who help in boosting jan aushadhi scheme and open medical store. Due to this Government has made Rs. 2.5 lakh grant for all. Previously Government grant was only one lakh rupees on private level.

How to Get Rs. 2.5 Lakh Help

Know all about how to have 2.5 lakh rupees help for opening of medical store under Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Yojana.

Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Yojana

To Buy Medicine One Lakh Rupees is Provided

  • If you open a medical store then Government will provide you worth one lakh rupees free medicine on store opening.
  • For this, in the starting you have to purchase the medicine. Then on each month, Government will provide you separate incentive on the total sale of medicine to reverse your one lakh rupees. Means you will get your one lakh rupees which you have invested on medicine in starting from Government after selling them with your profit separately.
  • It would be different from incentive commission you earned from medicine sale.

One Lakh Rupees To Build Shop Racks, Desks

  • Infrastructure is necessary part of anything or any business which you are going to start. And for that basic need is money. So Government will help you to construct shop’s infrastructure which include racks, desks etc up to one lakh rupees.
  • You will get your money back up to one lakh rupees which you have invested in shop infrastructure within six months.

   Fifty Thousand Rupees Help for Computer, Refrigerator

  • After opening of Jan Aushadhi Center, you will get total of fifty thousand help for setting up of computer and refrigerator item in your shop. And this money is also refundable from Government side.
  • You just have to submit these bills. After checking of your setup (Shop/ Jan Aushadhi Center) money will be refundable to you.

Get License Easily

Now it has made easy through Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Yojana to have license easily without wasting time. Means you can get your license in 7 days.

Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Yojana

  • Till now the ordinary people have to face some problems while opening the medical store and it’s difficult to proceed further and takes much longer timer for the process.
  • Now centre Government is helping the people and making the easy process of providing the license with state Government.
  • Last week Government has arranged a meeting with drug inspector, and it is decided over there that who applies for new center must have provided license within a week.
  • So all agreed on this and in coming days no one has suffer for license.

Who was Getting This Help?

So the question arises that who is getting this help benefits till now. Till now this facility of 2.5 lakh rupees grant is only for state Government.

  • Till now Government will only provide 2.5 lakh rupees grant to those Aushadhi Centers, which are opened by the efforts of state Government.
  • These centers are opened in district hospitals or another Government hospital of state Government.
  • Now 2.5 lakh rupees grant will be provided to private retailers or private NGO’s.
  • Soon Government will bring notification for that.

How Much Profit on Drug Sale?

Once you have made your mind for medical store setup and after store construction and medical faculty setup next thing came in mind is profit. Means how much you can earn from store which you have set up recently. So you will be pleased after knowing that the commission has been increased on medical stores. Means you can earn more than you think or much higher than your expectations.

  • If you have decided to open medical store under “Jan Aushadhi Yojana” then you will get the profit much more or say higher than previously because commission has been increased.
  • Recently, Government has increased retail commission from 15 % to 20 %.
  • If you sell up to one lakh rupees worth medicine in one month, then in that case your savings will be of worth twenty thousand.
  • Commission has no limit, as much the drug sold, commission will also increase.
What Government is Doing to Increase Profit

Now let’s know what else our Government is doing to increase sale and have more profit to retailer and center opener and who are running their own medical stores under this scheme. So don’t worry about it because is equally worried and taking suitable measure to increase the profit. Now there will be no more shortage of medicine will occur as per officials as much sale as the profit.

Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Yojana

  • For more profit Government has increased the number of medicine, now the number of medicines has been greater than 450.
  • Government has strengthened the distribution system and made it better from previously, so that the problem of medicine shortage at medical stores can be resolved.
  • If you ever found any shortage of any medicine then you can directly complain about it to the Government.
  • And for this department of pharmaceutical has provided the helpline number of Jan Aushadhi Schme is 1800-180-8080, through the help of which any one can complain directly regarding quality and shortage of medicines.
Who Can Start This Business

So this is very normal question that who is eligible for opening of this business in which Government is providing help to people up to 100 %. And also has good source of income as well in anywhere in India or nearby your home too. So let’s discuss on this that who can be able to open this “Jan Aushadhi Center”.

  • Indian Government has created three categories to open this “Jan Aushadhi Center”.
  • In first category anyone, unemployed pharmacists, doctors, registered medical practitioner able to open stores.
  • In second category trust, NGOs, Private Hospital, Societies and self help group will get a chance to open these stores.
  • In third category those agencies will get chances which are nominated by state Government.
  • It is required or necessary to have 120 sq ft space to open shop.
  • In this profit is not decided or calculated previously, by increasing the sale from higher to higher one can earn according to that.

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