Pradhan Mantri Solar Power Lamp Business Yojana


Pradhan Mantri Solar Power Lamp Business Yojana

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A Chance to Apply For Solar Lamps Factory, Every Year Saving of 20 Lakh Rupees

Demand of solar power and its related products in India is increasing constantly and rapidly. Looking at the power shortage and rising prices, people are attracted towards products like Solar Lamps, Solar Geysers, as well as putting solar panels on their rooftop.

Solar Power Business Plan

At such a time, if you want to start a new business then you can do business of solar-powered products. Demand of solar lamp in the market is increasing. Banks are showing interest in giving loans by seeing the viability of these projects. You can make a lamp that light up at night for 3 to 4 hours.

All Details Of Solar Business Start Up Needed At The Beginning

Today, we are telling you how and how much investment can be made in the solar-making plant. Also, we will also tell you how much profit you will get from this business. Based on our report, you can apply for loan from the bank.

How Much Money Will Be Needed Initially

According to the project report of the MSME Development Institute, you will have to take around 300 square meters of space on rent for opening, which can be worth 36 thousand rupees. After this, you have to spent Rs 3.5 lakh on machinery and equipment.

In this, you get and include drill machine, grinder, high voltage breakdown tester, auto transformer, insulation tester, testing setup, digital multimeter, voltage stabilizer, computer, printer etc. About 1 lakh 5 thousand rupees will be spent on their installation of the machinery and different equipment.

That mean, you have to invest 5 lakh 30 thousand rupees as a fixed capital. At the same time one lakh 50 thousand rupees will be required as a working capital for first month.

How Much Would Be Spent On Raw Material

Besides that, to make the first 1000 solar lamps, you will need raw material of approximately rupees 17 lakhs. It includes solar PV module, battery, LED, switch, input connector, modern plastic cabinet, fuse, cable, PCB, semi-conductor, resistor, capacitors, transistors, electro mechanical component etc. According to the project report, a solar lamp will use estimated of 1700 rupee’s raw material use.

Government Support

You can also get the support of the Central Government for setting up this factory. Prime Minister Narendra Modi provide loan of up to Rs.2 crores without any securities deposit. You can contact the District Industry Center for this.

Or, when applying for loan, you can ask the bank to give loans under the central government credit guarantee scheme. You can apply for loan to the MSME category provided by banks. Under this scheme you can get up to 80% loan.

How Much Will Solar Business Profit

According to the project report of MSME, if you make 12000 solar lamps throughout the year, then your entire expenditure will be 2 crore 43 lakh 66 thousand rupees spent which include depreciation and interest also. However, if you sell a lamp at a rate of Rs.2200, then your annual turnover will be of Rs.2 crore 64 lakh and your total savings will be of Rs.20 lakhs 33 thousand rupees.

So you can implement this business idea and starts you’re living happily with your own business idea with central government help.


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