Type Of Accounts, Documents Where Aadhar Linking Is Required


Type Of Accounts, Documents Where Aadhar Linking Is Required

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Essential Of Aadhaar For These 10 Types Of Accounts And Documents

Now whether you believe or not, but it is very important to have a aadhar. If you have Aadhar card, then you will have to link it with these 10 types of accounts and documents. The government has set aside deadlines for this, which is very important for you to know.

If you do not link your aadhar to these documents with in deadlines, then many of your accounts may be closed and the documents will be become invalid.

Bank accounts need to be linked till 31st December

The government has made it necessary to link the aadhar to the Saving Bank Account. To do this, the government has issued guidelines to the banks. After the bank has validated your aadhar, they will link it to the account. If you did not give your UID number to the bank till December 31, then the account will be blocked.

Necessary to invest in mutual funds

Market regulator Sebi and central government have also made the aadhar card mandatory for investing in mutual funds under PMLA. Under this, it is necessary to provide aadhar details for such companies till December 31, which are working in it.

Social security scheme

The deadline for forming Aadhaar card for Social Security Scheme has been increased till 31 December. Earlier this limit was till September 30. The Central Government has extended the deadline for connecting the 135 service and setting up the deadline till December 31.

The benefit will be available only to those people whose aadhaar card is not yet created or applied. On behalf of the government, the Electronic and IT Ministry issued the order saying that its benefit will be given to lower class families.

Money will not come out of PF account

The central government has made it clear that those who do not have the Aadhaar card will not get the benefit of the provident fund. Hence it will become mandatory to link aadhar to PF account. The Government has made it clear that it is mandatory for the monthly income up to Rs 15,000 to register their Aadhar number till March 31 so that they can easily use their EPF’s money.

Will not get ration card

Aadhaar card will be required to get ration and LPG discount under Public Distribution System from April this year. So it is compulsory to link aadhar with ration card. The government has fixed the deadline for people to submit their Aadhaar numbers till March 31.

Need to get subsidy of LPG

Aadhaar card or Aadhaar number is also necessary for getting subsidy on LPG. Subscription is reached directly from this number in the attached bank account. It is also necessary to link up to December 31.

Driving license cannot be made

To make a vehicle license, thumb impression had to be given first. This arrangement has been closed by the Transport Department. With the new change, the software of thumb impression (thumb mark) has been removed from the computer on the order of the Ministry of Transport. Under the new process, the Aadhaar card will now be valid.

To Make Passport

Birth certificates will not be mandatory to make a passport now. So aadhar is mandatory document to prepare passport. Indian citizens can easily get passports, so the government told this week in Parliament that the aadhar and pen card can be used as a birth certificate. It was mandatory to give birth certificates to those who born after January 26, 1989 during the passport act 1980.

Mobile number may be detachable

After the PAN card, the government has made it mandatory to add mobile numbers to the aadhaar card. Now you have to link your mobile number to the unique UID number. In this regard, instructions have been issued to telecom companies on behalf of the Department of Telecommunications. By February 6, 2018, all mobile phone subscribers will have to give their Aadha numbers to telecom companies. The SIM cards of customers who do not do this can be useless.

Death certificate will not be available without Aadhaar

If one of your acquaintances or relatives dies after 1 October then the person aadhar is mandatory to take the Death Certificate. If you do not know the aadhar number, then fill out a form. On giving false information, action will be taken under the Aadhaar Act. At the same time, the person who will be required to make a Death Certificate will also have to give his / her aadhar card number.


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