Voters Complaints To Election Commission For Poll Violation


Voter/Users Complaints To Election Commission – File Complaints To EC Regarding Violations In Polling Booth

The Indian Election Commission has published the dates of the Lok Sabha elections which is upcoming. In 2019 the Lok Sabha elections will be completed in seven phases. So as the result the Code of Conduct has been implemented for the assembly elections in respective states. This time some few changes has been implemented in the code of conduct. Whose brief information can be seen on the official portal of the head Electoral Officer (CEC).

To Make a complaint, Registration Must Be Require

This time, the Commission will take help of the techniques and technology against politicians who used to violate the Code of Conduct. For this, the commission has launched a app called C-VIGIL which stands for Vigilant Citizen .With the help of this app, ordinary citizens can also be able to complain against the Election Commission’s violation of the code of conduct in both level. This app can be downloaded from link provided below.

Information About Violation Place

In this app, you can also inform and share the location on which place there is a mess regarding the election where it is going on. For example, if votes are being purchased by paying money to anyone. There you will also see a display box in which you can comment full details about what is the proper incident has happened and its information.

Complaint Must Be Registered Within 5 Minutes of Clicking Photographs

To file a complaint with this application, the user will have to register himself after downloading on this app. The user can open an new account by providing few details like mobile no, state to which belong, district name, assembly and complete residence address. To submit a complaint, the people will have to click a photo graph or make video using this app and submit these evidences within 5 minutes.

Appropriate Action in 100 Minutes

Citizens will able to file complain regarding such violation of the code of conduct via the C-Vizil App. The complaint filed with the C-vizil App will be resolved within 100 minutes of duration. Anyone, who has installed this app will be able to send secret detailed information regarding the violation of the election process, the violation of the election code, with the help of photo and video shoot without revealing ones identities. That is its biggest advantages because some time by providing such information it becomes life threat to some families and have to face many major issues in this regard.

District Collectorate Will Take Action According To Instructions

On registering the report through this application, the complainant will be provided with the complaint number. Using this complaint number, he will become able to saw the actual and current situation of his complaint. Once the complaint is accepted on the C-vizil app, the particular system will give this information to the district control room. On receipt of the such details, the control room will gave necessary instruction to the team and regarding the action which can be taken. After the necessary action, the status of the complaint will be updated and user will be able to know the status of the complaint only with the app.

Download c-vigil app To Register Complain

You can download c-vigil app or similar app launched by government if you have seen such incident or any related happening then just post on this app with some proof and pics without letting any body knows about your self and also check your complain status in the mean time. 


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