How To Withdraw Money Without Using ATM/Debit Card


Withdraw Money Without Using Debit Card: Cardless Cash Withdrawal From ATM Machine

Many times it happens with us that we are in need of money, and we used to forget our ATM card at home. Or many times the card will not work in the ATM machine or does not accepted. It can happen to anyone. So some bank provides you facility to withdraw money, without having ATM card. Now you may wonder how will the money from ATM without an ATM card is withdrawn. But it’s possible. Without having ATM or debit card you can able to withdraw money easily. For this, you will go through a process. Let us know what’s the whole process.

Register yourself

To get this benefit or say feature you firstly have to register yourself in the bank. The registration can be done or completed with help of bank branch or through Internet banking too. Also you can also call to bank’s customer care for registration.

Get “MPIN” With 4 Digit

Once registered in the bank, you will able to get 4 digit user MPIN (Mobile Personal Identification Number). It could be like your ATM PIN number but it is different one. You can use it like Transaction security pin code or the Authority code too.

Download Mobile Application

After registration process, you will have to download the bank related application on your mobile phone. Users are also provided with the option of the SMS channel. Through this, the bank will send the application on your mobile web link.

Similar Facilities like ATMs

To withdraw money from ATM machine without debit card is completely free, means this is provided to users free of cost without charging any penny. After registration you will get same facilities from Mpin like your ATM card. It the help of this user can do things like: intra-bank, mobile-to-mobile, mobile-to-account fund transfers and net electronic funds transfers easily. However, Interbank Mobile Payment Service (Aimpis) will also be the feature of this mobile application.

Money Withdraw Limit Per Day (Fund Transfer)

You are thinking about daily money withdrawals limit without ATM Card in your mind too, We are also happy to give you the answer. Indeed, with the help of Mpin you can withdraw up to Rs 5000 per day limit.

In Aimpis, the fund transfer limit will be increased up to 30,000 per day.

With respect to SMS, this limit is up to 4000 per day. However, with the bill payment, transaction limit is Rs 20,000 every day.

How to Withdraw Money

After registration and getting Mpin, how the money will be withdraw. Firstly open Indus mobile application. Then enter your Mpin, and click on cordless withdrawal button. Note that before you proceed further, mention the amount or money as much as you want to withdraw.

After submission, the bank will send a temporary password on your registered mobile number. Through the help of this password you have to generate another password, into the application.

Select Cash on mobile

Now select cash on mobile option given on ATM machine screen. Then you are asked to mention your mobile number, the amount, temporary password sent by the bank and enter a password generated by yourself in required box.

By matching these four conditions, your entered amount will came out of the ATM machine. This application will help you send money to a third party.

Note: Presently this feature is offered by only a few banks. Yet, all banks have not introduced this feature.



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