Your Company Can Stop Your Salary If Aadhaar Number PAN Card Are Not Linked


Your Company Can Stop Your Salary If Aadhaar Number PAN Card Are Not Linked

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Your salary can stop from 1st July 1, if the aadhar is not seeded With PAN

If you do not link the Aadhaar with PAN until July 1, your salary may stop. This will be due to your permanent account number i.e. PAN. If you have a UID and permanent account number PAN, then you have to link your UID with PAN as soon as possible. Otherwise your pan will be cancelled.

Salary Will Be Affected

As a result of that your salary may also be got effected. And cannot be further processed to your bank account. CA Amrajit Chopra says that if your PAN is cancelled then your salary will not get processed. The reason for this is that companies cut TDS on more salaries than taxable limits. They will not be able to do this if they do not have a pan.

Some More Things Not Possible With Out Aadhar

There is list of some more things which might not be possible to do if your aadhar is not provided or not linked with those documents. So let’s have a look on those works also.

Failure to do Financial Transaction More Than Rs 50,000

If your PAN is cancelled, you will not be able to do more than Rs. 50,000 transactions in the bank. Because PAN is required to deposit or withdraw cash while it is in excess of Rs.50,000 in bank.

Will not be Able to File ITR

If your PAN is canceled, you will not be able to file an Income Tax Return. Pan is required to file an Income Tax Return.

Those Who do not Fill Income Tax Returns Will Also Have To Link Aadhaar PAN

If you believe that your income taxable limit is less than Rs 2.5 lakh annually and you do not have to file an income tax return. In such case, if you think that you do not need to link your UID wit PAN, then you are wrong.

Even if you have both the UID and the PAN, even if you do not file an Income Tax Return, it is necessary to link the aadhaar to the PAN. Otherwise your pan will be cancelled.

Link Aadhar PAN Card Through Sending SMS

Now you can link aadhar to your PAN using SMS based service. The Income Tax Department has informed that the basis can be linked to PAN by sending an SMS to 567678 or 56161.

Visit Official Portal

To link the aadhar with Pan Card Online Through Official Portal, you can also visit the department official e-filing website. This can be done in case of similar names in the UID and pan database or in both cases having minor mismatch with your provided information.


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  1. I wanted to share my bestfriend current situation who is working in Bangalore who’s under a consultancy, same case her salary is withhold for morethan 2 months already and counting due to failure to submit her Aadhaar card. But how can she will be able to submit the card right away the processing itself will take 45-90 days even how many times we called their customer service representative trying to follow up if it’s already generated they will just tell us still on process but the fact that in their online site showing 10-15 days it will be generated. We are just only asking for soft copy for this kind of card so that atleast we can submit it to the company. This matter might be small compared to nationwide problems that’s the government facing with, but if they will not put some attention to this kind of matter who knows there are lots of companies in India are already doing this kind of actions towards their employees without even showing some considerations and violating human rights and what if some of the employees are the only bread and butter of the family? Do you think this is fair towards the employees who’s only depending from their monthly salary, do you think this issues should be ignore? I’m voicing out this issues so that maybe it might catch someones attention and it’s already year 2017 yet this situation is still happening.Thank you.l

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