Delete Ten App To Boost Your Mobile Phone Speed, Battery Power


Delete Ten App To Boost Your Mobile Phone Speed, Battery Power

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Want To Make Your Phone Fast, Then Instantly Uninstall These 10 Apps

After the study on 30 million Android mobile devices, the researcher has told about some apps that slow the phone. Some of these apps are pre-installed in the phone, and some of us install from the Google Play Store. If you want to fast the phone then uninstall them.

Boost Phone Speed

Some of these apps are those that will be your favourites. But you can fasten the phone by removing them from the phone. It is up to you to not remove it from your phone. But you must be aware of them. These apps also include some Google applications. These apps are pre-installed and are turned on as the phone is turned on. Most of them are apps that are not in use even when they are in the phone.

So Lets Discuss About Such Application Which Really Slow Down Your Mobile Phone

Google Maps

This application is launched by google and installed in all most kind of android phone previously. And we do not make use of it. And it leads to slow down the phone. This app is used to tell us ways across the street, roads etc.


This is also google app. And it is used for chatting purpose. And Gmail account is necessary for this application. Most of us don’t use it because of other kind of chatting messenger. So delete it timely if you want to really improve your mobile speed.

Google Plus

This is a google networking application same like to Facebook. There are very few who use this app in real time view. So if you are also those then make sure to remove it from your phone.

Google Play Music

This is Google music app. No one uses it because there are many musical apps are available in the market or play store. So this can lead to slow down the mobile by using the phone memory.

Google Talk Back

This is also google app. And comes as pre-installed in mobiles. Mainly used for low vision users. If you are no using it then remove it.

Google Play News Stand

This app is also belong to google and comes with phone already installed. This is a news aggregate app. And makes slow your phone.

Samsung All Share App

This is a Samsung app. This is also called Samsung link. In this user can share Samsung phone, Samsung TV and computer files.

Chat ON Voice & Video Chat

This is a Samsung chatting app. This will provide feature like animation messages, chat room to the users. This app works on android, I-Phone, blackberry or windows phones.

Samsung Push Service

This app is only for Samsung customer. This app gives notification to Samsung users about Samsung services.

Chat On

This is also a Samsung app. And it is a chatting app which is also used very rarely by the users. So also think about it. And prepare to remove it from mobile to free up some space to keep your phone fast and longer battery life.


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