Free Download Govt Antivirus For PC Android Phone Mkavach App


Free Download Govt Antivirus For PC Android Phone Mkavach App

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This app of the Modi government will keep the smartphone free, virus free download

Modi Government is constantly engaged in promoting Digital India. And over all it’s a good effort to bring people forward toward digital world. For this, he is trying not only to connect the common man with it but also to help the people in the virtual world through various websites and apps in case of security matters also.

Modi Government Free Antivirus App

Modi Government has released a new app this year. By seeing the increasing attacks of viruses and malware on computers and mobile, the government has released a special app. This app will not only protect your mobile from malware, but also add many more beneficial features to your mobile phone.

You will be able to download it easily and freely on Google Play Store. Users using this app have given it a very good review. This app is released by the Research and Development Wing Center for Development of Advanced System of Government of India (C-DAC).

Know More About this app of Modi Government : Its specialty and How you can Download It For Free

– Modi Government launches mobile device security solution ‘mKavach’ in February this year.

– According to C-DAC, this app is designed for Android running smartphones.

– It not only protects your phone from malware, but also offers many other features to your handset.

What can this app do

So lets find out the main features of this app which is of it is capable to do and make your phone more secure to you.

Will Keep mobile Data Safe

– ‘mKavach’ has been designed to avoid all the dangers associated with mobile. With this you can keep your mobile data safe too.

– This app prevents the misuse of WiFi, Bluetooth, camera and mobile data. In fact, it works to restrain unauthorized access to these resources.

– It also keeps your mobile phone safe from javascript malware. This makes your phone run faster and better.

Block unwanted calls and SMS

– After installing this app in smartphone, you can block unwanted calls and SMS.

– If users want to keep their mobile phones like mobile wallet, bank app, and social media app away from others’ access, then this app can be done through this app.

– Users can limit their access to these apps through this app.

Track SIM Card

– Sometimes when your mobile is lost, in such a situation, if the phone’s SIM is changed, then it’s information will also given by this app.

– Through this app, you can simply remove the contact, call logs from the smartphone by sitting via a SMS. Not only this, you can also factory reset through this app.

– Easy to back up from this app and restore mobile.

Free download from here

– You can easily download this app from Google Play Store.

– You can also download this app by visiting the link.

– It runs on Android version 4.4, 5.0, 5.1 and 6.x If you have any doubts and want to give suggestions regarding this, you can call toll free number 1800 425 6235 from Monday to Friday.


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