Government And SC Decision On Aadhar Card


Government And SC Decision On Aadhar Card

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Final Government And Supreme Court Order On Aadhaar

From now onward aadhar number or enrollment number is considered as required document for making of a new PAN card. Also, it is equally compulsory to seed your aadhar to PAN card. This rule will be applied from first July. The government has provided the notification which occur changes in the Income Tax rules in this week.

Finance minister Mr. Arun Jaitley has made the UID compulsory for filing tax return via making some changes in the tax proposal of Finance Bill for 2017. The main motive behind this step is to decrease the tax evader by having multiple pan.

Next hearing on July 7

– The Bench said, “There is no need for more observation in view of decisions made on June 9 in the decision against the Binoy Vishwam vs. Indian government and today’s observation.” The Bench has fixed the next hearing of the matter on 7th July.

– During the hearing, the petitioner’s lawyer Shyam Diwan said, “No one should be deprived of a scheme like mid-day meal due to the absence of the Aadhaar.” This should be no pressure because this is completely on voluntary basis.

– The bench asked Pittishar’s counsel, “First of all, the government is saying that nothing will happen, a clear decision has been made even in the order of the court of 9th June, this decision is implemented from now on. Can you tell that after February 8th what happened, was there any left without getting benefit? “

– “If nothing has happened since February 8, then no sky is breaking. You show us what happened.”

– “If any child do not get mid-day meal due to lack of aadhar, then you (petitioners) should have to come with the statistics and papers. After February 8th, people did not get the benefit of the schemes, where is the material to show that thing you have. Today’s questions are very limited and your apprehensions are limited. The June 9th judgments are in place or implemented and we do not have to say much more.”

This is the Case

– The Center has made the UID number necessary to take advantage of social welfare schemes. The Supreme Court is hearing the case of three different pitches against it.

– Earlier, SC had said in its order that the government and its agencies did not make the aadhaar necessarily need for taking advantage of the schemes. SC had given the concession to the Center that people have to call Voluntary Aadhaar cards to avail the benefits of LPG subsidy, Jandhana Yojana and Public Distribution System.

Use of Aadhar Card For Services

Also it is cleared that for services were aadhaar is used as ID proof. So let’s know about these services where it is required.

) Passport

) Bank Account

) Insurance Scheme

) Many companies mobile phone connections Also consider updating old mobile connections by aadhar.

) Concession On Railway tickets.

) Name verification in voter list

) To generate universal account number for EPFO.

) To file IT return. As per new bill to get new PAN card aadhar is necessary.

) To give gas connections to poor families under Prime Minister Ujjwala scheme.

) To transfer money through the Unified Payment Interface and the recently launched Bhim App.

) Direct Benefit Transfer: The UID is also being used in this. For most while giving gas subsidies.

) In many cases for life certificates.

92 Schemes Execution Through Aadhaar

– The UID is being used in 92 schemes of 19 Central Ministries. Through them, cash is being transferred under LPG subsidy, food subsidy and MNREGA.

– This is also used in large scale while accounts under jan dhan.

– Aadhaar is necessary even for the subsidy items to be taken through the ration card.

– Find out more clearance on this topic of Government SC combine decision on aadhaar card.


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