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Government Unemployment Allowance To Youth

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The Tension of the Unemployed Is Over

Yes this is no more dreams from now onward, If you are unemployed then the government will pay the allowance for you.  And for that you just have to fulfill five conditions. If you are unemployed and not getting job or particular work then from now government will going to reduce some of your tension. For the very first time the government is going to give unemployment allowance for youth.

Benefits Of Allowance

There are lots of benefits by providing this allowance facility to our young generation. They can make their dream come true by filling various competitive exam and also able to handle their day to day spending needed for getting better job and related opportunity.

Let’s know who, how and when will This Get This allowance

First Condition:

You must have to apply for getting allowance. It is compulsory for a young applicant to have at least passed the 12th standard. After completing some formalities, government will deposit allowance money directly into your account.

Second Condition:

The applicant age must be in between 22 to 35 year.

Third Condition:

The applicant must not be expelled from government service. Also, unemployed person found guilty in any kind of crime scene will not be eligible and get this allowance benefit.

Fourth Condition:

According to the rules, in case of unemployment for this allowance, both husband and wife income is calculated which should have less than two lakh rupees annually. These documents will be asked during the time of application.

Fifth Condition:

The government has set another condition to get this unemployment allowance. And that condition is registration in employment exchange or nearby office. If your name is registered in the employment office, you are eligible to take this allowance. But all of the applicant will not get this allowance.

Condition For Getting Unemployment Allowance From Government Side

According to the condition, the candidates those who are registered in employment offices a year before the application date will be eligible for government unemployment allowance. Means those who are registered with employment office before 15th April 2016 are eligible for this allowance.

And those candidates who will enter their name in employment from now onward will not get this allowance. They will become eligible for this allowance after completing one year of registration in employment office.

Know more about how and how much you will receive allowance

You will have to apply for getting this allowance. After April 15, the government will announce where and how to apply. Himachal government will pay Rs.1000 per month to unemployed persons and Rs.1500 will be given to disabled person. So, keep your all documents ready so that you will get this facility too.

This is a good initiative started by the state government for the welfare of the youth and to give bright direction to their carrier. There are so many people those who don’t even have money for applying various job posted day to day life. So with the help of this youth ca fulfill their demands.

Download Online Application Form

You can apply and download online application for getting unemployment allowance. For that you just have to follow some steps and must satisfy some conditions to get approval from employment officer. And you will start receiving your allowance into your account.  



  1. Bandana Sarkar on

    Hi I am from West Bengal. I am a unemployed and handicap candidates with 80%.. Am I able to get these allowance?

  2. Senthikumar p on

    I am 45yrs from Tamil Nadu.I am unemployed. How to apply for unemployment allowance from government.

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