Gramin Samridhi Yojana Fraud Recruitment – Complaint Against GSY Scheme


Gramin Samridhi Yojana Fraud Case – Complain Against GS Scheme

Gramin Samridhi Yojana was for the well being of the unemployed person in both rural swell as urban areas. It is an organization working from 2012. It is also based on skill development and startup India as well as digital India mission. It helps to established people for self employment by giving them training of various skills.

Gramin Samridhi Scheme Business

The skill includes handicrafts, cultural items and art and craft business. So that people can start their business at small scale and after sometimes they take their business forward and able to provide jobs to other people and help to reduce unemployment.

Aim Of Gramin Samridhi Yojana

All the schemes are to be started for different purpose. Some schemes are started to provide residence , some are for unemployed youth whether others are for financial help for senior citizens. In this we are telling about the aim of gramin samridhi Yojana. These are:

Each and every family in the country should have at least one educated person so that he is aware about the government schemes and helps other to get benefits of the scheme.

Every person of the country must be enrolled in UIDAI identification number.

All people in the country must have received registration number from e-governance website.

All people should have micro insurance of health.

Self employment is necessary for a person per family so that he can help others and they can take benefits and need not to work anywhere else for improvement of financial condition.

Gramin Samriddhi Yojana Fraud

In the name of employment in the Gramin Samriddhi Scheme, such a fraud happened. In the name of employment, money has been taken from unemployed youth. Even after depositing money, the youth did not get a job. In this regard, cases have also been registered in various police stations throughout the state.

In the Name of Employment, A Fraud Incident Occurred Of Gramin Samriddhi Scheme

In Barmana police station of Bilaspur, ten youth have also registered a case against the company related to the scheme. The youth wrote a letter to the PMO and said that on the names of the central government’s schemes are being cheated as well.

From young youths Anoop Sharma, Pallavi Kumari, Reena Devi, Rohit, Shashi Kaundal, Kamini Gauleria, Begma Gautam and Anish Singh told that in August 2017, they found employment opportunities in the Gramin Samriddhi Yojana. By seeing online opportunity, they have get the form from there.

Fraud Case Of Recruitment Is Caught

After this, fill out the offline form and send it to the address written on the portal. In it, the address of Kolkata was written. Youth said that in October letter came from them. There was counseling form, affidavit and admit card.

It was said that after filling the Admit Card, user have to send a check for Rs. 2500 as draft security in the name of Gramin Samriddhi Yojana. In December, the company responded that there should be training in Shimla from 4th March to 10th March 2018.

Two booked also have been booked previously. It was also conditioned that if the candidate does not have a laptop, then he would have to make a separate draft of Rs. 7200.

Cases Registered across the Whole State

Applicants have sent drafts to the mentioned address. After this, when they are trying to see the company’s site, the portal is not opening. According to the youth, the website, their mobile number and e-mail id of the scheme are closed since 15th January. But their have also still active Facebook page at And 58 people have liked it and has 61 follower of this page.

On 20th January, the matter was lodged online, after which the matter was referred to Barmana police station. The youth have also written to the PMO. But there is no answer in this regard.

Complain Against Samriddhi Yojana

ASI Prabhakar, who is investigating the case, said that the youth had filed online complaint on 20th January regarding the issue. He said that similar cases have been registered in the entire state. Report will be sent by investigating of all the cases to shimla office. After this the cases will be examined only at one place.


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