How To Claim Bank ATM Card Insurance Of Rs.10 Lakh


How To Claim Bank ATM Card Insurance Of Rs.10 Lakh

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Claim Bank ATM Card Insurance Money

The bank’s ATM card does not only provide you money at all, but there are many other great benefit and features of it. They also offer facilities for which you will not be charged separately. Do you know that if you have a private or government bank ATM card, then you have got Accidental Insurance Free.

Upon the accident, you can take the amount of money received from the concerned bank under the insurance. Most people do not know these rules because banks do not disclose this information to the general public. Today we are telling you the rules of your benefits associated with the ATM card.

How much is the insurance

From Government to Private Bank, all the customers have an Accidental Hospitalization Cover and Accidental Death Cover. This insurance is from Rs 50,000 to Rs 10 lakh. This benefit is only for those customers whose bank account is operational.

Information Given In The Bank

If an ATM holder dies under this scheme then his family members will have to go to the bank branch within 2 to 5 months where he has an account. Application of compensation must be submitted in the same branch of that bank. Before paying compensation, the bank will check whether the person has done financial transactions within 60 days.

Compensation Given By Bank 

Under this insurance, there is a provision of different types of compensation from the time of disability to death. There are different types of compensation on ordinary ATMs, MasterCard, Classic ATMs. You can go to your bank to find out how much insurance is available on your card.

Things To Do or Required To Claim ATM Insurance

In case of accident, inform the police on first priority and there must be brief of accidental information in police report.

The person whose having accident, must have all documents. If related person is in the hospital , then his medical documents are needed.

If person is died then his postmortem report, police report, death certificate and driving license is needed.

So these are some basic information we don’t know about our simple ATM card. We only think that this card is made only to withdraw money and other money related purposes. But no one care about this fact of insurance.

So next you visit your bank branch then go with your ATM card and find out for how much amount of insurance your ATM card is eligible.


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