How to Link Aadhaar Card With Ration Card Via Mobile App


How to link Aadhaar card with ration card via Mobile app

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Aadhar Seeding With Ration Card Online

India is progressing towards a new digital India. A new example has been set by none other than Indian state Tamilnadu. Where government has taken an initiative of Linking Adhaar card with ration card via a mobile app. Ration card is a proof of identity and a link to government records or document, that provided to BPL families in India by the Food, Civil Supplies, and Consumer Affairs Department of State Govt so that they can make purchases of subsidized foodstuffs & fuel from reasonable price supermarkets.

Ration Card Link With Aadhar Card Online

But we have seen that if, the government provides anything beneficial to Poor people, other peoples who belong to a well sound financial background, wants to ripe that benefit by hook or by crook. So, in order to put a stop, to these kinds of activities & fraud, in the name of ration card, Tamilnadu state has come out as a first Indian state, where BPL families can link their Adhaar card with Ration card, via a mobile app. Yes, you heard it right it can be possible, via a mobile app which is called TNEPDS. This mobile app is compatible with Android phones of a version of 4 or higher.

What is the need of linking Adhaar card with Ration Card?

Well, the government has very noble thought, behind linking Adhaar card with Ration Card. It is that Adhaar card consists, its holder’s biometric information & also it has unique identification number as well, that no other person can claim.

So, in that way ration card information & Adhaar card holder information collectively becomes unique information, which remains safe in the Government record. And if individual has linked his pan card with Adhaar card, then the government can keep an eye card holder financial transactions also.

How will TNEPDS Mobile app link Adhaar Card with Ration card?

TNEPDS Mobile app increasing number of downloads has become the talk of the town these days in Tamilnadu. TNEPDS Mobile app can be downloaded from Google play store & it will register user Adhaar number all along with user ration card. This mobile app can scan the Adhaar via QR Code & also has the ability to distinguish the code & bring up to date user number.

If user will enter the details manually, then it can be a bit lengthy process, so, in order to reduce stress & time usage not to forget complexity, this app allows users to fill such information in one go. This app is currently available in the Tamil language that is native language also of people of Tamilnadu. So, people can log in to TNEPDS Mobile app, through their mobile number.

Linking Adhaar Card with Ration Card, Except TNEPDS Mobile App Offline/Online Mode

Well, not only through Mobile App, people also can execute this process through offline & online Mode.  When we talk about offline mode, a user needs to get photocopies of his entire family members Adhaar card, including his also. Then he needs to submit, it to ration office with relevant Department. Aadhar Card Linking with ration card through online offline is very much simple and convenient. 

On the other hand, in online Mode, a user needs to visit official Adhaar card website, after that just click on Start Now & by Entering full address, with district & state in the required fields, they can successfully accomplish, this task without any hassle.


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