It Is Not Necessary For All To Link Aadhaar With PAN Card By Income Tax Department


It Is Not Necessary For All To Link Aadhaar With PAN Card By Income Tax Department

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It is not necessary to link the Aadhaar with Pan, the IT department has given these people the exemption

The Income Tax Department has made it necessary to link the base with PAN from July. Many people have started linking their base with this rule of the department because they feel that they will face many problems ahead if not doing so.

The Income Tax Department has given these people the exemption

However, many people have given discounts to the link linking the aadhar to Pan. These people include NRI, guests visiting India, people over 80 years of age. Apart from this, residents of Assam, Meghalaya and Jammu and Kashmir also have no need to link aadhar to PAN. However, this discount will be available only when their aadhar card is not created.

Single Page Form issued For Linking

After the GST is implemented, the Income Tax Department has issued a form to taxpayers manually linking the Aadhar card to the Permanent Account Number (PAN). Before this, the aadhar number can also be linked to the PAN through online and SMS.

The applicant will have to write the spelling of the names mentioned in the PAN number and the Aadhaar number, and the written declaration should be made in the application form that he has not added the Aadhaar number in the form with any other PAN card.

Offline Aadhar PAN Linking

He will also have to declare that he has not been allotted any other PAN except in the form he mentioned in the form. An official of the tax department said, ‘This form is another process of connecting the base through the PAN database to the paper.

Linking the pan to the UID has become necessary since July 1st. There is already SMS and online facility for this process. Mentioning the UID for the application of PAN is mandatory from July 1st.

Income Tax Department Work

The department has so far added 2.62 base numbers to the database of the PAN. At present, more than 25 crores of PAN cards have been allocated while Aadhar card has been allocated to about 115 crore people.

That is, those who also have PAN numbers already and also have aadhaar, they will have to add them now. And those who do not have PAN numbers, if they apply for it, they will also have to give their UID number in the form.

If Not Provided, what will Happen?

It has become mandatory to link the UID and pan from 1st July and what will happen if not linked? In this regard, a notification of income tax clearly states – “If it is not done then the aadhaar account number given to that person will be disabled, and other provisions of the Income Tax Act, 1961 will be applicable, it will be deemed that the person had not applied for PAN. “


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