Learn Online And Get Free Certificate From Government Portal Swayam


Learn Online And Get Free Certificate From Government Portal Swayam

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The Best Professors of the Country Will Give Free Class, This is Modi’s Special Portal – Get Education In Free From Modi Government Portal With Certificates

The Modi government is constantly focusing on bringing new and better facilities for the common citizen of the nation. This government is not only focusing on the introducing better living life for people but also take steps for promoting youth and education. Under this, Modi Government has started an online portal.

From this portal help, you can study any subject including online management courses for free online. Means without charging anything.

Free Online Education Courses With Certifications

Whether you are a housewife or you are busy managing your business, but you have a desire to do a particular course in your mind, now this work will be done with the help of this online portal of the Modi government. There is no fixed age boundary here, nor is there any restriction on selection of any course.

How To Do Free Educational Courses And Get Certificates – Here You Will Find All Types Of Courses

If you want to study online at home, then the Modi government has started the portal swayam.gov.in for many people like you. You can also do courses in Management Studies, Engineering, Undergraduate, Post Graduate and School Education on this portal and can be done to your children. The professor of the prestigious Universities of the country teaches on this portal. The certificate you receive for these courses will be valid in any university and government office.

Know More About the Prestigious Institutions Which are Teaching Here – Online studies with IIMB

All the management courses you get on this portal are provided by the Indian Institute of Management, Bengaluru. At the same time, if you are preparing to study engineering, then the courses are conducted from NPTEL here. NPTEL is also a government undertaking, where you can do courses related to engineering.

Post Graduation Courses University Grants Commission (UGC), CEC undergraduate education, NCERT and NIOS School Education and IIMB Management will conduct Studies Courses. There will also be many courses available from IGNOU.

How To Start Online Education Courses On Swayam

You can choose the course of any field on this Modi Government portal. First of all, you have to register yourself on it. After registering you can search the specific course on the site which you want to do. After getting the course, you can enroll in it. Many courses run on this portal are only organized for 1 to 2 months or for a few weeks, so enrolling at the time is very important.

How Does Education Take Place Here

Here study takes place like this. Once you enroll in a course, then your studies begin. Here you learn the course through video, text material and other projects. Here you learn the course through video, text material and other projects. Professors of Delhi University and other prestigious Universities professors used to conduct these courses.

They will get you better and best study material. During the course, you will be given many assignments, which you will have to fulfill. After completing these and after successfully completing the course, you can also apply for the certificate.

How To Get Certificates

You will also be given certificates for the courses you do on this portal. These certificates can be displayed not only at any educational institution, but also in any government offices. Actually these certificates are given to you from Delhi University and other institutions to complete the assignments and related curses.

You are free to do the courses on this portal, but if you want to get certificates for a course, then you have to pay fees for it. This fee will vary according to every course. So this is the good step and initiative started by government.


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