How to Link Aadhaar Card To Ration Card Using TNEPDS App


How to Link Aadhaar Card To Ration Card Using TNEPDS App on Smartphone

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Aadhar Ration Card Linking Process Online/Offline

Ration card is a very important document that gets issued by The Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs Department of State Govt. Every BPL citizen of India has the right to get Ration Card. The reason for issuing a Ration card is those ration card holders, first, subsidized food grains from supermarkets, which give food items on subsidy rates.

Link Aadhar With Ration Card

Also, ration card is a type of identity & residential proof that helps in making other legal documents such as residence proof, passport, voter ID & many other important documents. So, single ration card plays the main role, that’s the reason it gets used for a number of reasons in every Indian state. This is also true when such a documents give a number of benefits, other people also tries to get benefit from the same document. Yes, we are talking about those financially strong people, who doesn’t need ration card, for any reason, still they try to misuse this document, to get the subsidy from the government.

Unique Identification Number Seeding With Ration Card

So, by doing fraud in the name of ration card, they try to take share from benefit provided to Poor citizens of India. Indian government always remains concerned about it. They have taken an initiative of linking Adhaar card with the ration card. As we all know Adhaar card has gain popularity in such a short Span of time. Adhaar card contains unique information of its every holder.

So, by linking Adhaar card biometric information with ration card things will become easy for a government to track these frauds without doing any hard work. TamilNadu emerges as first Indian state that has started using an Android Mobile app called TNEPDS, which will link both the Documents. Let’s see what is TNEPDS Android Mobile app, and how’s it works?

How to Link Aadhaar Card with Ration Card via TNEPDS Mobile App?

The TNEPDS Android Mobile app is a single app in Tamil Nadu states that totally functions in the Tamil language. This Android Mobile app wants an android mobile phone that runs on 4.0 versions or above. TNEPDS Android Mobile app is designed in such a way that it can scan your Aadhaar card through a Barcode & at the same time updates the Your Information. Id, a user tries to fill information manually, then a user will require having in-depth knowledge about each & every detail of ration card information.

we can say, that task can be lengthy & have chances of mistakes. The TNEPDS Android Mobile app can be used by only through login & it will need your mobile number, to send OTP number for verification. So, in order to download TNEPDS Android Mobile, go to Google play Store & starts linking Your Adhaar card with a ration card.

Link Aadhaar Card with Ration Card via offline & online Mode

For those who are not living in Tamil Nadu, also can Link their Aadhaar card to Ration card in via two methods, one is offline & second one is online. If you choose an offline mode, then also bring photocopies of your family members ration card. After that, submit it to the required department in Ration shop.

If you are looking for online mode, then just visit Aadhaar card official web site & provide your  information which ever is required like state & district & submit it in minutes. So, both the options are easy, it is up to you what you choose?



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