Modi Government Give House Rent Of Poor’s In 100 Smart Cities – Rental Housing Policy


Modi Government Give House Rent Of Poor’s In 100 Smart Cities

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Modi Government Scheme Will Provide House Rent For Poor’s People In Hundred Smart Cities

Soon modi government is going to implement this scheme of house rent facility. In this scheme poor people covered first who are living cities on rent. Government will help the poor people by giving them house rent. And this scheme will be started from smart cities. This scheme is the part of giving house for all.

Rental Housing Scheme

The main motive of this scheme is to provide benefit to the poor urban and the people those who settle down in other stated. Now Modi Government will provide house rent of poor citizen. The government has already started preparing to launch this project of 2700 crore rupees. This scheme will be started in 100 smart cities firstly, under which rent vouchers will be distributed to urban poor. An official of the Urban Development Ministry has discussed about this scheme.

Due to this rental home yojana many people will get benefit and live in other cities or states without any tension of their rent and also live with their whole family together. This is all due to modi government who has thought about poor people basic needs like living facility etc. And house is the basic need which everyone required at first while moving to the other states. In today’s trend everyone goes out for their family and to make some earning. And some time it become difficult due to high house rent and similarly for other things also specially for the private sector people.

What Is the Scheme?

– Rental Housing Policy is being introduced for the people who are very poor mean living their life as Below Poverty Line (BPL) families. Work has been started on this scheme from past three years.

– This scheme will be implemented from smart cities in this year. As per estimate temporarily it will cost Rs.2713 crore per year.

– The purpose of this scheme is to give the benefits to the urban poor and people who came from other state for living. Vouchers of rent will be distributed through local administration.

– The tenants (कि‍राएदार) will give these vouchers to the landlord and they will get its recovered amount from the Citizen Service Bureau. If the house rent is higher than the value of the voucher, then the remaining payment or rent will be paid by the tenant itself.

35% Of People Living In Cities On Rent

– Local Administration will make decision on voucher value after looking some prospects like current rate of rent in particular city, number of family member etc.

– The government is also making decision on direct benefit transfer in this voucher scheme. So that there will be no partiality occur and remain transparency in whole process. According to 2011 Census (जनगणना), 27.5% of people live in rented houses in cities.

– However, according to the report of the National Sample Survey, 35% of urban people were living in rented houses in 2009. According to the NSS, this trend is coming from 1991.



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