Name Mismatch Problem In Aadhaar PAN Card Linking During ITR Filling


Name Mismatch Problem In Aadhaar PAN Card Linking During ITR Filling

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Link Aadhaar Card To PAN Card

As aadhar card become necessary document for the all legal activities. IT should be linked with account number, Ration card as well as in schools or colleges.  It is the step taken by the centre government in the “Digital India” mission. Aadhar card is unique identification number issued by the UIDAI department of India which is valid in overall country.

Nowadays aadhar number becomes necessary for the bookings in the trains or buses.  Now aadhar number linking becomes necessary for the PAN Card.

What is PAN Card

PAN is known as Permanent Account Number in the form of code issued by the income tax department of India. It is important for pay income tax. It is code in the combination of alphabets and numeric. It is not the proof as the Indian residents because it can be issued to the foreign residents for the valid visa.

The PAN is mandatory for a majority of financial transactions such as opening a bank account, receiving taxable salary or professional fees, sale or purchase of assets above specified limits etc.; especially high-value transactions.

How To Link

There are various methods with the help of them we can link aadhar card with PAN card. Which are through website, through SMS and through PAN card application form.

Through Website

One can link aadhar card with PAN card online through Website. Steps are as follows by following which you will surely able to complete your process within few seconds.

) Open the official website of the income tax i.e.

) Click on the registration link and get register there. Then login to e filing portal by entering login, password and date of birth.

) Then after there is a pop up window will take you to the next step of linking aadhar card to the PAN card.

) Enter the required details in the form and verify them with the details in aadhar crd after the=at enter the code and then click on the “Link Below ” button.

) Then if your details matched with the aadhar card then you will get the message of linking successful.

Through SMS

It is become very necessary to link aadhar card with PAN card. So for the process should be easier user can link aadhar card with PAN card through SMS. 

UIDPAN<SPACE><aadhar number><SPACE><PAN NO.>

Send this message to  567678 or 56161

Through Application Form

The user can link aadhar card to Pan card by entering the aadhar number for the aaplication of new bor reprint of PAN card.

Deadline Linking Of Aadhar card with PAN card

The time for linking aadhar card with PAN card has increased by three months. The time has increased for new PAN holders by six months.  The government has extends the date of linking of aadhar card with PAN card up to 31 march 2018. Ministry of Finance has done this announcement. 

The users can link their document with the help of form 60 in the bank. The person has not yet applied for the PAN can link their card with the aadhar card up to 31st march 2018 and the new customers can do this step after this day.


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