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Shimla Administration Instruction on New Year Eve To Tourist

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Have you planned to go to the mountains for the New Year celebration? See these instructions of Shimla administration

If you have planned to go to the mountains along with friends or family for celebration of New Year, then Shimla administration has released many instructions, read it will be for your benefits.

Every year, during the winter season, millions of tourists visit to Shimla and enjoy the snowfall there. On the high hills, when heavy snowfall occurs at this center, a large number of tourists arrive. By which the normal life starts affecting.

Shimla New Year Eve

As a result, movement problems, road accidents, health facilities, lack of rooms in hotels, lack of electricity and water also arises. In order to reduce all these problems, the district administration has sought the help of Shimla from the administration of Punjab, Chandigarh and Haryana. In this regard, Shimla Deputy Commissioner Rohan Chand Thakur has written letters to various deputy commissioners and appealed for the release of some instructions for the tourists.

Instead of reaching Shimla, the Sailani can also enjoy it in the surrounding areas. Shimla can also be enjoyed after the snow is reduced. Always go to Shimla to take the experienced and sensible drivers.

Do not bring young children, elderly with you

Due to snowfall, the fear of having an accident on the roads increases. It is common to see that the road accidents are due to the mistake of non-experienced drivers. The tourists should also hesitate to drive alone. Travel should be done only during the day. To avoid more cold, it is necessary to bring warm clothes, blankets, hot water, milk and substance together. If possible, do not bring the small children, the elderly to the tourists.

Start the vehicle engine every ten minutes

In the event of heavy snowfall, blizzards, the tourists should turn the parking lights on one side by stopping their vehicles. If you have to wait for long periods of time, then the engine of the vehicle should start every ten minutes.

When the engine starts, the glass of the vehicle should be slightly open. So that carbon monoxide gas cannot be produced inside the vehicle. Deputy Commissioner Pradeep Agarwal appealed to the tourists to make sure that they fully comply with the above instructions before going to Shimla.

Necessary Points While Travelling

So these are some instructions which are released by Shimla administration for tourist before celebrating their new year in high hill. It will be beneficial for all of you. Because we have already seen the situation which has been created during last year winter. And things are not in the favor of tourist as well as for the people of Shimla also. And it has become national news for many days. So be aware of such thing while traveling to such places.


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