UIDAI mAadhar App Download To Android User – Carry Aadhaar In Mobile


UIDAI mAadhar App Download To Android User – Carry Aadhaar In Mobile

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mAadhaar Application Installation For Android Phone Users

UIDAI official has recently has released their mobile application version of their aadhaar related work. And people can get it download from google play store in their phones to access your aadhar information only in mobile just in seconds.

Aadhaar official have released this beta version their newly launched application to its users. And this is last updated on 17th July 2017. And still under surveillance by the officials. And it is available in play store to download freely.

Availability Of mAadhaar App

Till now this application is available for android phone users only. And official have promised to release its iOS version to iPhone users too. Android phone user can check their uploaded biometric data. Here you will see QR code option and there is also option to provide your aadhaar number. By using it you will probably able to log on to it.

Advantages Of UIDAI App

With your android phone, many of your tasks will become easier and time saving too. For instance, if you go to buy a SIM card, then you have to give your aadhar no. But with the help of this application, you can instantly provide or share your aadhar related information besides bringing hard copy of aadhar. This application will work as soft copy of your UIDAI.

Download and Install mAadhar Application

Before downloading this app please take care of few things such as you have 4.4 android in phone. Also you have enough memory for installation. Because you need 10.91 MB but this app require some extra space beyond this limit to make the task complete. As you check those points then go to the installation step. To download and install the app, check out the mentioned process.

) Visit the official page of “https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.gov.uidai.mAadhaarPlus” of play store. There are many other similar app present, don’t install them.

) Download and install the app from above link. After installation it will show the set of guidelines before using this app. Please read all of those before proceeding further.

) Then open this app after installation and it will ask you to enter password of length min 8 and max 12 character.

) Your aadhar will be available to download on phone if your mobile number is registered means registered mobile number linked with aadhar.

) Then you will get OTP on your mobile and don’t close the app show waiting for message (OTP) because of security.

) mAadhaar app will download and connect with UIDAI. So keep internet data present on your mobile.

) One aadhaar profile can remain active only on one device at same time. If you create new profile on other phone by using your SIM elsewhere, then the last profile will be inactive and got deleted from previous phone when anything is done.

) If you and your family have same mobile number registered then add their profile also in your phone.

) One user able to add maximum of three profile in his phone.

) If you have any doubts about this application then please mail to [email protected]

How To Use mAadhaar App

) After reading instruction provided by the official you will be redirected to set your password with some condition like it must be 8 to 12 character long. There must be number, letter, upper case letter and special character in your password.

) Then click on confirm button to proceed further.

) Then mentioned your 1 digit aadhar number or either there is option to scan you aadhar QR code. Choose any one as per your convenience.

) Then wait for OTP, as you receive it on registered number, fill it and click on verify button or if you haven’t receive it within 5 minutes then click on resend OTP button.

) And you are in. Start using it and check your details like biometric easily. Or share your aadhar where needed.

Need Of mAadhaar App

In today’s time where aadhar is becoming almost mandatory for everything and none of work cannot possible without it, so in this situation and busy life the application of this document is must for all. Now you don’t need to bring hard copy of aadhar just bring your mobile and your aadhar related task must be solved.

Safety Of mAadhar Application

You can use this without any fear of aadhar security issue. And government has already taken necessary stepd and added aadhar security features for it. Because in the starting while opening this app, it will ask you to enter your password to access this app. And let’s assume your mobile is lost somewhere, then also no one able to access your aadhar related information at any cost. Or one another way is there if your phone is lost, create new aadhar profile in new phone and your previous profile will be deleted automatically.


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